The Feast

A farmer said to his son, “The land is barren, I have nothing to give you save one loaf of bread, go and seek your fortune.” 

The boy walked all day through the dense forest, stopping only when the sun set to eat his simple meal and rest his head for the night. Robin landed beside him. 

“I’m hungry, Boy, share your bread with me.”

The boy broke his meager loaf in half and gave to Robin, who ate, and flew away.

Badger crept up, “I’m hungry, Boy, share your bread with me.”

He gave the other half to Badger, who ate, and crept away.

A poor child came by, “I’m cold, give me your coat so I don’t freeze.”

He pulled off his coat and wrapped it around the child.

“Now I will die.” He thought, and lay down to wait.

“No,” said a voice above him. “You will eat, and live.”

A fantastic feast stretched out before him and a huge fire crackled.

A passerby saw the fire and approached.

“Come, eat and warm yourself,” the boy said.

Another traveler stopped.

“Come, eat and rest.”

Soon the feast was filled with merry company, and the boy was glad.

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